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Black Copal and Frankincense

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Incredible scents of Black Copal and Hojari Frankincense

Black Copal and Hojari Frankincense are praised for their wide range of beneficial properties. They belong to the same family tree and produce some of the finest 100% natural scents in the world. These resins are the best for relaxing, meditation, cleansing and blessing intentions.


  1. Hojari Frankincense - 70g
  2. Black Copal - 50g


The Resin of Copal is referred to as sacred incense within Andean people. It invokes rest and peace among spiritual beings and cleanses aura fields. The most important copal-producing species is Bursera bipinnata, known as Mexican Copal. The name copal is derived from the word Copalli from the Nahuatl language.  It was spoken by the ancient Aztecs, and translates to "incense", or more specifically "scented smoke".

Our Premium Hojari Frankincense grows high in the Dhofar mountain of Southern Oman. The country with a reputation for producing superior quality frankincense trees. These resins are ethically and sustainably sourced from local farmers. We set ourselves apart from other vendors by being one of the few to source and offer high-grade resins evident by its hue and distinct aroma.


Usage instructions: Place your lit charcoal on a burner or dish, and wait for it to stop smoking before you put a piece of Black Copal or Frankincense Resin. Let the resin burn. Remember to always exercise care and caution when working with fire. Never leave them burning unattended.

Black Copal and Frankincense

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