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Rainbow Moonstone

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Rainbow Moonstone captures the essence of moonlit nights with its soft, iridescent shimmer. When held, the Moonstone feels like a whisper of the cosmos in your palm, connecting you to ancient lunar energies and cycles.


  • Third Eye & Crown Chakra Resonance: Rainbow Moonstone deeply resonates with both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, potentially fostering intuition and heightened awareness.

  • Guidance in Transitions: Historically believed to aid travelers and those undergoing life changes, this palm stone offers a sense of direction and calm.

  • Dream Enhancer: Holding or placing the Palm Stone nearby during sleep might deepen dream experiences and facilitate better recall.

  • Emotional Balancer: Known for its soothing and calming energies, Rainbow Moonstone aids in stabilizing emotions and alleviating feelings of overwhelm.

In an age of digital dominance, the Moonstone Palm Stone emerges as an emblem of nature's gentle mysteries. By connecting with its tender luminance, you're engaging with a stone steeped in tales as old as moonlit evenings. Let the Rainbow Moonstone illuminate your journey, offering its gentle light as a guide.

Rainbow Moonstone


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