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True Dragon's Blood Resin(Dracaena Cinnabari) from Socotra

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Discover the spiritual and therapeutic essence of our True Dragon's Blood Resin. Sourced from the pristine Socotra Island, this cherished resin is not just a product; it's an experience. Every grain is a bridge to ancient rituals, connecting you to time-tested practices of well-being and spiritual enrichment.

Extracted from the ancient Dracaena cinnabari trees, our Dragon's Blood has been a cornerstone in various spiritual and holistic traditions. It's known to harmonize energies, cleanse spaces, and usher in positivity. More than just its aromatic appeal, it's a tool for meditation, mindfulness, and well-being.

Embrace the transformative power of Dragon's Blood. Its essence resonates with those seeking balance, healing, and spiritual growth. With our product, you get an authentic piece of Socotra's heritage, promising purity and potency in every use.


Benefits of True Dragon's Blood Resin: 

  • Enhanced meditation: The True Dragon's Blood Resin has been a cherished element in age-old rituals, enhancing meditation and spiritual practices. Its deep-rooted history connects users to ancient traditions, fostering a profound spiritual connection with every use

  • Cleansing: Renowned for its cleansing properties, this resin plays a pivotal role in purifying spaces, driving away negativity, and inviting positivity. Its transformative essence not only rejuvenates spaces but also uplifts the spirit, offering a sanctuary of well-being

  • Holistic Tool: Across cultures and traditions, Dragon's Blood Resin is a treasured holistic tool. Recognized for its harmonizing properties, it balances energies, aids in emotional healing, and anchors the user to the earth's natural rhythms

  • Aromatic Serenity: Beyond its spiritual attributes, the resin captivates with its distinct aroma. Offering a scent that's both grounding and uplifting, it creates an ambiance of tranquility, turning any space into a haven of aromatic serenity.


True Dragon's Blood Resin(Dracaena Cinnabari) from Socotra

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