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Spiritual Uses of White Sage Smudging Sticks

  • person Rustam Amonov
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Burning Herbs for incense dates back thousands of years to the first ancient civilizations. Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians used it to ward off negative and unwanted energies. The practice of burning herbs as incense was also used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Indians, and Chinese. 

It is a worldwide practice used to protect oneself from negative influences, and you can see the practice of burning incense in several places worldwide. 

Native American Use

Burning sage is an ancient practice of Aboriginal Native American tribes. Sage is one of the four items gifted to the Native Americans for the practice of smudging. The other three are Sweetgrass, Tobacco, and Cedar. 

All of these items are for everyday use as well as special ceremonies. They can be used individually or mixed. Smudging is sacred, and it is how Native Americans cleanse themselves and commune with the Divine.

Why White Sage

Sage comes from the Latin word "Salvia," which literally means healing plant. While all varieties of sage are uplifting, white sage is the preferred variety of sage for this purpose since it is sweet and light. It represents sweetness and all that is good. You can use white sage to cleanse yourself and your home from negative influences and attract goodness for yourself. 

A representation of how white sage repels the bad and attracts good things is in nature. Planting white sage in your garden repels pests and attracts good pollinators like bees and butterflies. 

Your Home with White Sage 

Uses of Burning White Sage

Purify the Home

Burning White Sage purifies the air from any negative feelings or energy. Burning or smudging one's home helps create a positive atmosphere perfect for inner healing and meditation. 

It is a great morning ritual to burn a white sage smudging stick and walk around your whole house to start the day fresh and remove any unwanted energies.

Ward off Repetitive and Negative Thoughts

It works if we burn sweet white sage with the faithful intention of clearing our thoughts from the constant bombardment of negative thoughts that bother us. First of all, the practice breaks the pattern of thoughts that are happening. Secondly, the sweet aroma of the white sage smudging stick calms our senses. Thirdly, this ancient ritual unblocks our mind chakra from anything putting negative pressure on it and releasing us from the previous burden of the thoughts and feelings causing us pain. 

Avoid Unwanted Energies

There is no doubt that unwanted energies and negative influences exist. Accumulation of negative energy will start putting us in harm's way and slowly build up the strength of its presence. Even ancient Egyptians burned herbs to ward off malicious energy.

The power of burning sage is acknowledged worldwide. Smudging your home and yourself is enough to ward off energies from causing you harm. When you start to meditate and make yourself mentally stronger, it tends to avoid you anyway, but keeping a clear space is good nonetheless.

Attract Good Energies

Good energies are friendly and form a protective barrier for people they become attached to. A protective barrier attracts good things while keeping bad things away. It could be as simple as finding a dirham on your way to the store and finding out you would have been one dirham short without it. 

With how the world has become, we need all the luck and help we can get. Burning sage attracts good feelings and energy the same way planting it in your garden attracts butterflies. The better energy comes in contact with you, the better your chances for being protected with a shield of goodness.

Cleanse Your Crystals, Gemstones, Ores, and Oils

If you use spiritual crystals, stones, ores, or special oils for your hair and body, you must wonder what happens to the negative energy they battle or remove from you? Stones are like sponges. They suck away all the bad things according to their specific property. 

If you want your spiritual arsenal to stay powerful, you can cleanse it by smudging it with white sage. Place the sage in a smudge bowl, light it, and rub the object between your hands as if you are washing it with water over the smoke. 


Use white sage to cleanse your mind, body, and home and attract good things to your life. Focus on what is sweet and good in life and protect yourself from negative thoughts and negative energy with the simple ritual of burning sage. Take advantage of smudging sage to ward off the evil eye.

When sourcing your white sage, ensure that you use handmade sticks harvested with love and care. The intentions behind the people who handle your smudging sticks are very important. Since it has to burn, it should be tied with 100% cotton and no synthetic thread that would ruin the smell. Sustainably farmed white sage is a way to get quality sage without worrying that it has any negative energies from waste and greed. 

Buy white sage smudging sticks so you can smudge your mouth to say good things, your ears to hear good things, your hair so that it grows nice and healthy, and most importantly, your heart to feel-good feelings.