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Ceremonial Incense Smudging Kit

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This Ceremonial Incense Smudging Kit includes:

The essentials you need to ceremoniously relax, cleanse, and purify your space as you tune into mindfulness practices with this incense smudging kit.

  • 5 Palo Santo Sticks from Peru (Size 4")
  • 15g Palo Santo Powder from Peru
  • 1 Blue Sage Smudge Stick from Turkey (Size 5-6")
  • 1 Lavender Smudge Stick from Turkey (Size 5-6")
  • 50g Frankincense from Oman
  • 1 Charcoal Tablet Pack, complimentary

Learn more about this incense smudging kit:

  • Blue Sage is used as a ceremonial incense to clear unnecessary energies from space, people and objects. It has a smoky and herbaceous aroma with slightly green overtones. Cleansing and neutralizing energy.

  • Lavender possesses purifying energy. It clears thinking and balances restlessness. Our Lavender Smudge Sticks have a pronounced smoky aroma. Our lavender smudge sticks have a subtle, smoky aroma. Floral and herbal tones follow. Purifying and grounding energy.

  • Frankincense is an ancient resin that is renowned for its beneficial properties. This mikes it a must-have in any incense smudging kit. Its aroma is timeless, with notes of citrus and pine, with soft flowing earthy undertones. Use it to bless causes, objects, spaces, and intentions. Uplifting and shifting energy.

  • Palo Santo is considered sacred to Andean cultures and used by healers to cleanse and heal the aura around the body. Its aroma is woodsy, sweet with gentle notes of pine. Calming and balancing energy. 


Usage Instructions:

Set your intention and use this incense smudging kit.

For Blue Sage, Lavender and Palo Santo - light the stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Blow out the flame, allowing it to smolder and smoke. After your ceremony, allow the incense to cease smoking on its own. 

As with Frankincense, select a piece to burn with charcoal on a burner and follow the same steps. For a better experience, allow the charcoal to settle for a couple of minutes before you place the Frankincense resin.

Always exercise care and caution when working with fire. Never leave your incense burning unattended.

    Ceremonial Incense Smudging Kit


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