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Resin Discovery Kit

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Begin your journey into the rich world of resins with the Resin Discovery Kit. Skillfully curated, this collection not only opens doors to ancient rituals but also awakens fragrant memories. Each component of the Resin Discovery Kit isn't just a resin on its own; rather, it's an experience eagerly waiting to unfold.

  • White Copal: Renowned for its purifying attributes, White Copal doesn't just refresh spaces. In this kit, moreover, it offers a fresh start, effectively setting the ambiance right.

  • Peruvian Copal: Going beyond mere cleansing, Peruvian Copal genuinely resonates with authenticity. Its aroma in our kit intriguingly introduces layers of traditions, beckoning further exploration.

  • Hojari Frankincense and Brown Frankincense: While these two resins are distinct, they collectively speak volumes of spirituality. Together, they seamlessly bridge the gap between the earthly and the divine, amplifying senses with each use.

  • Dragon's Blood Resin: Not only is it known for its protective powers, but this resin also adds a distinct bold touch. Consequently, it grounds the kit, offering both security and anchoring vibes.

  • Myrrh: More than just a resin, Myrrh has been treasured for centuries. Within this kit, its profound presence subtly whispers age-old secrets.

  • Palo Santo Powder: Diverging from the classic, the powder form notably enhances rituals. Its thoughtful inclusion here adds a unique aromatic touch, perfectly concluding the Resin Discovery Kit experience.

Ultimately, the Resin Discovery Kit goes beyond merely uncovering the essence of each resin. It stands as an invitation to delve deep, experience intimately, and wholeheartedly embrace the aromatic world of rituals. As you progress with this kit, each resin narrates its unique tale, guiding you closer to the essence of ancient practices.

Why wait? Choose the Resin Discovery Kit today and set forth on an unparalleled sensory voyage.

Resin Discovery Kit


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