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Uses of Copal Resin Incense

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Copal Resin and Its History

Copal resin is a beautiful clear, yellow, or white resin used in pre-Columbian mesoamerican culture as incense, varnish, and glue. 

It comes from the copal tree, a prominent member of the Burseraceae tree family found in New Zealand, Madagascar,Mexico, East Africa, Oman, and Japan. However, the best Copal comes from Mexico and then Peru. 

In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the British realized that it was an excellent ingredient for wood varnish. It was used to varnish furniture and sometimes even pictures. 

When you burn copal resin as incense, it makes a sweet, almost pine-like aroma. Copal resin was used by the ancient Aztecs as well as the native Americans now. Both cultures consider it a Sacred substance to get closer to the divine. The smell and energy it radiates enhanced their healing ceremonies.  

Native Americans believe it is a blessed substance and use it for Sweat lodge ceremonies. Modern-day Mexicans often use it to celebrate traditional Mexican holidays. 

Every culture that has been exposed to this gorgeous white, yellow, brown, and black  resin has recognized that it is special, and its use provides robust results.

White and Black Copal Resin

There are different types of copal resin according to the exact species from the group of copal trees it came from and the way it was harvested.

Wild Copal

Wild copal is scabs of resin naturally formed when an insect attacks the tree bark. It is harvested with a curved knife. These are rolled into balls or sticks. Burning wild copal channels the essences of the wild animals and forces of nature. It is excellent for connecting to nature's roots or relishing mother nature's awe. 

White Copal 

White copal is harvested by making diagonal cuts along the tree. The liquid resin drips and collects into a provided container. It hardens in the shape of the container into a solid resin. This is the most favored type of resin used as incense. The purest copal resin is superb for cleansing a space and protecting your peace. It also channels powerfully sacred forces you can tap into with the proper meditational focus. It uplifts the soul and calms the mind.

Gold Copal

Gold Copal is harvested by completely removing the bark from a part of the tree. This method is much more invasive and sometimes causes the ancient trees to die. However, if done correctly produces a beautiful golden resin with an earthier scent. Gold copal provides the burner assistance in clairvoyance or manifestation. Use it to set intentions for the future.

Black Copal 

Black copal is obtained by a special method in which the tree bark is beaten ceremoniously. It is also known as the Mayan copal. It has a clean, almost lemony scent. Black Copal is a powerful cleansing agent battling negative energy with a passion. It also is great to promote new love between an old couple. 

Uses of Copal Resin

Copal resin can be used in many spiritual and aesthetic ways to enhance one's experience. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the benefits of copal resin:

Meditation Aid

Used for centuries and existing in almost pre-historic trees, copal resin incense is a perfect assistant for long meditation sessions. As soon as the lavish stream of white smoke fills the air, you are transported to an almost otherworldly plane of mental awareness.

It helps you focus by removing any negative thoughts and emotions. You can quickly pursue the purpose of your meditation. Whether it is to find an answer or a regular calming meditation, you can use copal to improve it.


Manifestation is a powerful practice in which you attract good things and your life goals into existence. 

You can help manifest nice things by making a manifestation board or intensely meditating on it. When you write down your manifestation, you can smudge the paper on which it is written with the powerfully potent smoke of the copal resin incense. 

This way, you combine your manifestation with copal resin's hallowed power. 

Copal For Relaxtion

Copal resin, especially white copal, is a robust calming agent. It can provide clarity to the mind. It helps you forget anything causing you stress and ease your mind of repetitive negative and intrusive thoughts. If you have trouble fully relaxing, you can use copal to help you. 

Burn some copal in a resin bowl on your bedside and let the fumes soothe your senses. Let yourself be engulfed by the essence of the copal and lose yourself in the pleasant sensation of its scent. Take this opportunity to practice deep breathing. If you know the five-three-eight breathing technique, then this is a great time to use it. 

Inhale for five seconds, hold for three, and exhale slowly for eight seconds. Counting the beats of the seconds also calms you and helps you feel better. 

The combination of breathing and the soothing effect of the copal should be enough. However, if you still have trouble relaxing, use the power of the copal to focus on your crown chakra. It is the chakra on the top of your head responsible for thoughts and connection to the grand power. If it is blocked, you have trouble sleeping, grounding yourself, and articulating your thoughts. Unblocking it with the power of copal can help you relax better. 


Copal is an ancient blessed substance recognized for its potency worldwide. It comes in wide varieties which have different specialties, but all in all, it produces a pleasing, calming sensation for the soul. Use it to help manifest, meditate, or simply to relax. 

Do not be afraid to experiment. If your intentions are pure, you can follow your spiritual instincts for the practice of burning resin incense. If the smell or feel of copal resin invokes a new ritual, go ahead. For example, it helps you clear your chakras, so you use it for chakra meditation, or it clears your mind, so you use it before a big decision. 

Do not hesitate to assess different resins and see the effects on your essence.