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Key Crystals

Elevate your energy and find balance with curated collection of key crystals. From protective amethyst to harmonizing rose quartz, each crystal is selected for its unique energetic properties, helping you to align with your highest potential.

A man holding A Selenite Crystal Tower - 20cm
Selenite Crystal Tower - 20cm in Hands

Selenite Crystal Tower - 20cm

AED 199.00 AED 399.00

A man holding A Selenite Crystal Tower - 30cm
Selenite Crystal Tower - 30cm in Hands

Selenite Crystal Tower - 30cm

AED 699.00

A man holding A Selenite Crystal Tower - 40cm
Selenite Crystal Tower - 40cm on a table

Selenite Crystal Tower - 40cm

AED 1,099.00

Selenite Crystal Candle Holder on a side table
A person holding a Selenite Crystal Candle Holder

Selenite Crystal Candle Holder

AED 139.00 AED 249.00

Selenite Crystal Wand (10cm)

AED 69.00

Amethyst Palm Stones
Amethyst Palm Stones on hand

Amethyst Palm Stone

AED 79.00

Rose Quartz Palm Stones
Rose Quartz Palm Stones on hand

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

AED 79.00

Tiger's Eye Palm Stones
Tiger's Eye Palm Stones on hand

Tiger's Eye Palm Stone

AED 89.00