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Selenite Crystal Tower - 30cm

AED 699.00
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Harness the cleansing energy of the moon with this stunning Selenite Crystal Tower. Named after the Greek Moon goddess Selene, this ethereal crystal embodies purity, promoting a peaceful atmosphere while clearing negativity from your space. Its tall, elegant form and included LED base create a mesmerizing focal point for any room.

Key Benefits

1. Purifies your space and promotes tranquility.
2. Clears negative energy and raises vibrations.
3. Promotes spiritual clarity and emotional balance.
4. Ideal for meditation, energy work, and home decor.

Product Information

Material: Selenite Crystal
Weight: >3kg
1. One Selenite Crystal Tower (30 cm Approx.)
2. One LED Base Lamp (3-tone)
A man holding A Selenite Crystal Tower - 30cm
Selenite Crystal Tower - 30cm

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