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Clear Quartz Palm Stone

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 Palm stones are one of the easiest ways to align your spirit with the energy that you want to attract. Simply holding a palm stone causes a tremendous emotional transformation. It enables you to calm your mind and connect with the earth's healing vibrations.

Clear quartz is the most effective energy healer and amplifier on the planet. It’s a crystal that encompasses the full-color spectrum of light. 

Clear Quartz Palm Stone works at a vibrational level. Its energy resonates with any frequency, promoting healing and harmony.

Enhancing meditation, this crystal filters out distractions and increases concentration. Clear Quartz magnifies the power of manifestation with its clear vibration. Activating the Crown Chakra Clear Quartz Palm Stone enables communication with the divine, inspiring spiritual growth.


If you’re new to using palm stones, we always recommend carrying them in your pocket or purse. This allows you to stay in tune with the energy of your intention.

Clear Quartz Palm Stone

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