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Premium White Copal (Bursera Bipinnata) Mexico

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Experience the transformative power of Premium White Copal (Bursera Bipinnata) from Mexico.  Its light, ethereal aroma purifies your space and elevates your spirit, creating an atmosphere perfect for meditation, sacred rituals, or simple relaxation.

Key Benefits

1. Promotes a deep sense of spiritual connection.
2. Enhances focus and clarity during meditation practices.
3. Dispels negative energy, leaving your space feeling cleansed.
4. Rooted in tradition, offering protective properties.
5. Its airy, uplifting scent features hints of citrus, pine, and sweet resin.

Product Information

Common Name: White Copal
Botanical Name: Bursera Bipinnata
Used as: Ceremonial Incense Resin
Place of Origin: Mexico
Plant Part: Resin / Gum from Tree
Net Weight: 50g
Premium White Copal from Mexico
Premium White Copal (Bursera Bipinnata) Mexico

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