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Crystal Bracelets

Black Tourmaline Bracelet on hand

Black Tourmaline Crystal Bracelet

AED 79.00

Malachite Bracelet

AED 179.00

Hematite Bracelet by Maison Etherique
Hematite Bracelet on man's hand

Hematite Crystal Bracelet

AED 69.00

Tiger's Eye Bracelet on hand

Tiger Eye Crystal Bracelet

AED 79.00


Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet

AED 89.00

Amethyst Bracelet on wrist

Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

AED 69.00

Rose Quartz Bracelets by Maison Etherique

Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet

AED 59.00

Moss Agate Bracelet on hand

Moss Agate Crystal Bracelet

AED 59.00

Garnet Bracelet on wrist

Garnet Crystal Bracelet

AED 69.00

Clear Quartz Bracelet by Maison Etherique

Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet

AED 59.00

Carnelian gemstone bracelet promotes Sacral Chakra balance, enhancing vitality, confidence, and creativity.
Carnelian crystal bracelet worn on a wrist, promoting motivation and self-confidence.

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

AED 79.00

Black Onyx Bracelet by Maison Etherique

Black Onyx Crystal Bracelet

AED 59.00

Closer look of Kyanite Bracelets

Kyanite Crystal Bracelet

AED 260.00

Close-up of a Tiger Eye faceted bracelet showcasing its earthy tones, golden flashes, and intricate bead cuts.

Tiger Eye Faceted Bracelet

AED 115.00

Sodalite Bracelets by Maison Etherique

Sodalite Faceted Bracelet

AED 120.00

Rose Quartz Faceted Bracelet
Rose Quartz Faceted Bracelet

Rose Quartz Faceted Bracelet

AED 105.00


Green Jade Faceted Bracelet

AED 125.00

Moonstone Bracelet

AED 149.00

Lava stone Bracelet

AED 59.00

Green Jade Bracelet

AED 99.00


Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet

AED 169.00