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Selenite Wand

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 Introducing the Selenite Wand: It is made from the selenite crystal, which has long been used for its healing and spiritual properties. This powerful wand, named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene, is the perfect partner when undertaking meditation or spiritual work. Ideal for energy healers, it's an effective tool to help cleanse and purify your aura, reducing any negative energies.


Renowned for its unique ethereal quality, this wand is essential for creating a safe, tranquil space –perfect to ward off other influences in your home. By bringing clarity to those who use it frequently, you can easily open each chakra, particularly your crown chakra, allowing you to access higher levels of consciousness.We recommend keeping this calming item nearby for all new energy requirements.


In a world that can be filled with chaotic vibes and difficulty focusing, finding solace becomes paramount in order to achieve inner peace. Clear away the clutter with this wonderful crystal wand; not only will it give you an extra boost, but its beautiful glimmer will illuminate your home as well!

Selenite Wand


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