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Your One-Step Guide for Everything Selenite

  • person Rustam Amonov
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The Top Ten Benefits of Selenite

Selenite is a valuable addition to any healing crystal collection. Its use in energy healing goes back several thousands of years, with references to its abilities to protect the individual’s aura from the effects of negative external influences found in texts from ancient Greece and European folklore. 

Spiritual Development 

Selenite works with you to form a deep connection to your spiritual body by opening, activating and cleansing your Crown chakra of energy blockages or restrictions. 



Selenite is an extremely protective stone and can be used to form a protective grid around either your physical body or your home, car, or workspace. It works to keep out harmful or negative vibrations from the world around you, creating a deep sense of safety, peace and calm for both body and mind. 


Insight and Judgement

Selenite clears the mind and encourages clarity of thought. It promotes trust in your own judgment and intuition and connects intellectual, rational thought with the deeper “knowing” of the Heart chakra.

The Spine 

Selenite is believed to align the spinal column and promote flexibility. It is also said to guard against seizures and fits.


Toxins and Free Radicals 

It has a neutralizing effect on some poisons and toxins, especially those produced in the body by heavy metals. Selenite is said to inhibit the production of free radicals in the bloodstream.


Infants and Children 

Selenite is said to be an excellent crystal for breastfeeding mothers, facilitating lactation and encouraging nurturing of children. 

Healing the Energy Body

Selenite is highly regarded for its effectiveness in healing the energy body or biomagnetic field. 

Spiritual Comfort 

This crystal connects you to your guides and angels when used in meditation for this effect. 


Cleansing the Chakras

Selenite can be used to perform a total chakra cleanse, working on each of the seven main chakras to release and clear negative energies, finishing at the Crown, where it forms a thread of white, crystal light connecting you to Divine consciousness

Balances the Emotions 

The effect of Selenite on emotions is both supportive and transformative. It can ignite a spark of joy within you through even the darkest of times. 


How to Cleanse and Clear Your Selenite Crystals

Selenite is porous and should never be placed in, or cleansed with, water as it will eventually dissolve.  Instead, use a soft brush or cloth to remove surface dirt or debris from your crystals. When you have cleaned the crystal physically, you will need to charge it so that it retains its high, fine vibrational frequency. The best way to clear negative energies that your crystal has absorbed is to place it in moonlight, preferably during a full moon, overnight. You can also put it near to a chunk of Amethyst for twelve hours. 

How to Program Your Selenite Crystals

To program your Selenite crystals, you should begin by entering a deeply relaxed, meditative state. Hold the crystals lightly in your hands and tune in to their vibrations. At the same time, allow the energies of the Selenite to enter into your aura so that your energies are aligned with those of your crystal. 

When you feel ready, simply form a clear, positive intention for your crystal and send it telepathically down through your fingers and into the stone. 

Selenite will “hold” this program for a few days, and you may want to create a grid of selenite along with other crystals if you have a specific intention for healing in mind. Renew and reaffirm your initial intention every day for at least seven days. When you feel that the work is complete, clear and cleanse your Selenite crystal as above.