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Home Blessing Kit Product Guide

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Welcome to a world of tranquility and spiritual serenity with our Home Blessing Kit. Designed to blend the desires of contemporary living with the wisdom of ancient rituals, this kit is your gateway to transforming your home into a peaceful sanctuary. Each component has been carefully selected to purify, protect, and bless your living space, creating an atmosphere where positivity thrives.

Kit Components

1. White Sage:
    • Description: Begin your home blessing journey with White Sage, renowned for its powerful purification properties. This sacred herb clears negative energy, ensuring your home radiates with a refreshing and revitalizing aura.
    • Use: Light the White Sage smudge stick, allowing the smoke to permeate every room. It's perfect for setting a clean, serene foundation for further blessings.
    2. Cedar:
      • Description: Cedar, known for its warm and woodsy aroma, brings grounding energy into your home. It creates a cozy and inviting ambiance, enveloping your space in comfort and warmth.
      • Use: Burn the Cedar smudge stick to infuse your home with its delightful scent and stabilizing properties, promoting a sense of security and earthiness.
      3. Yerba Santa:
        • Description: Yerba Santa, celebrated for its healing qualities, wraps your home in protective serenity. This herb ensures that your sanctuary is not only safe but also imbued with tranquil energy.
        • Use: Smudge with Yerba Santa to safeguard your home against external negativity, fostering an environment of peace and calm.
        4. Hojari Frankincense (from Oman):
          • Description: Direct from the ancient lands of Oman, Hojari Frankincense is a precious resin that carries the power to manifest aspirations. Its divine fragrance elevates the spirit, making intentions feel more grounded and attainable.
          • Use: Place Hojari Frankincense on the provided charcoal tablets to release its enchanting aroma and blessing properties, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your home.
          5. Sandalwood Incense Sticks:
            • Description: Sandalwood Incense Sticks play a crucial role in the kit by introducing clarity and mindfulness into your environment. Their soothing scent is ideal for meditation, aiding in the creation of a focused and serene space.
            • Use: Light the Sandalwood Incense Sticks during prayer, meditation, or quiet reflection to deepen your spiritual practice and clarity of thought.
            6. Selenite Crystal Pyramid:
              • Description: The Selenite Crystal Pyramid is a powerful tool for cleansing and harmonizing the energy in your home. It effortlessly neutralizes chaotic energies, replacing them with a flow of tranquility and peace.
              • Use: Place the Selenite Pyramid in a central part of your home or near areas of high energy use as a constant purifier and protector of your space.

              Experience the Journey

              Our Home Blessing Kit invites you to embark on a transformative journey, turning your living space into a haven of peace and positivity. Through the use of these carefully selected components, your home will not only be a place of physical dwelling but also a sanctuary for your spirit and aspirations.


              The Home Blessing Kit is more than just a collection of items; it's an experience that revitalizes your space, ensuring every corner brims with positive energy. Embrace this journey towards peace, allowing the ancient wisdom and contemporary desires intertwined within this kit to guide your home into a realm of serenity and blessing.