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Cedar Smudge (4 Inch)

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What you'll get?

- 1 Cedar Smudge Stick

Commonly referred to as arborvitae, which is Latin for "Tree of Life." Cedar is an evergreen conifer that is a member of the Cyprus family. Since ancient times, cedar has been utilized for healing, cleansing, and spiritual protection. Like Sage, cedar attracts positive energies while expelling negative ones.

When cedar is burned, it purifies the air and releases aromatic smoke into the surrounding environment. It is among the four holy medicines used by the indigenous inhabitants of North America.


Usage instructions: Lit the stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds then blow out the flame. Allowing it to smolder and smoke, walk around the room clockwise as you perform a cleansing ritual. Allow your incense to cease smoking on its own when done. Remember to always exercise care and caution when working with fire. Never leave them burning unattended.

Cedar Smudge (4 Inch)


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