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Home Blessing Kit

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Discover a haven of peace with our Home Blessing Kit. Specifically crafted for today's homes, this unique kit seamlessly marries contemporary desires with revered ancient rituals.

  • Starting with White Sage, our Home Blessing Kit ensures every room radiates with a refreshing aura. Known traditionally for purification, this sage transforms homes into sanctuaries of freshness.

  • Next, Cedar with its delightful aroma not only captivates but also grounds spaces, offering them warmth. As part of the Home Blessing Kit, it ensures a cozy, inviting ambiance.

  •  Yerba Santa. Renowned for healing, swathes homes in protective serenity. Every nook and cranny feels safer and more tranquil.

  • From Oman, our kit brings in Hojari Frankincense. This cherished resin, beyond its enchanting fragrance, serves as a beacon for aspirations. Dreams seem closer; intentions, more anchored.

  •  Sandalwood Incense Sticks, included in our kit, play a pivotal role. As they burn, a sense of clarity fills the air, forging an ideal environment for meditation.

  • Lastly, the Selenite Crystal Pyramid  effortlessly neutralizes the chaotic energies and replaces them with sheer tranquility.

 Our Home Blessing Kit isn't just a collection; it's an experience. A journey towards peace. So, why wait? Allow this kit to revitalize your space, ensuring every corner brims with positive energy.


Home Blessing Kit

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