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Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet

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Enhance your spiritual connection, amplify your intentions, and manifest your goals with this Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet. Known as the "Master Healer," Clear Quartz promotes clarity, amplifies energy, and deepens your connection to your higher self.  This powerful bracelet is your tool for unlocking inner wisdom and spiritual growth.

Benefits & Uses

1. Amplifies energy & promotes overall well-being.
2. Deepens meditation and clarifies purpose.
3. Cleanses negative energy from spaces & auras.
4. Aligns and balances all chakras (energy centers).
5. Beautiful, versatile accessory.

Product Information

Bead Material: Natural Clear Quartz Crystal
Bead Size: 8mm (approximately)
Bead Count: 23 beads (approximately)
Band Type: Durable Elastic Rubber
Related Chakra: Crown (aligns all chakras)
Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet

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