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Abundance Ritual Kit

AED 299.00
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Embark on a transformative journey toward abundance with our thoughtfully curated Abundance Ritual Kit. Let cleansing herbs, sacred incense, and the potent energy of crystals purify your space, uplift your spirit, and empower your intentions.  Unlock the flow of prosperity and manifest your deepest desires with this powerful collection of ritual tools.

Key Benefits

1: Abundance Ritual Kit is used to purify spaces and aura.
2: Promotes positive energy for abundance.

3. Encourages a mindset of prosperity and attracts success.
4. Uplifts your spirit and raises your vibrational frequency.
5. Amplifies abundance intentions with potent crystals.
6. Provides essential tools for transformative abundance rituals.

Kit Components:

1. White Sage Smudge Bundle (4-inch) - Mexico
2. Palo Santo Sticks (4-inch, 2 Pieces) - Peru
3. Himalayan Cedar (Stupa) Incense Sticks
4. Pyrite Pyramid (5cm)
5. Tiger Eye Bracelet
6. Hojari Frankincense Resin (30g)
7. White Copal Resin (25g)
8. Charcoal Tablets (Self igniting)

Abundance Ritual Kit Maison Etherique Dubai
Abundance Ritual Kit

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