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Blue Sage Smudge Stick (Salvia Libanotica) Turkey

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Experience the gentle yet potent cleansing of Blue Sage Smudge Sticks (Salvia Libanotica) from Turkey.  This unique variety of sage offers a delicate, herbaceous aroma with subtle sweetness, creating a deeply harmonizing and peaceful atmosphere for purification rituals and mindful practices.

Key Benefits

1. Gently cleanses spaces of stagnant energy.
2. Harmonizes emotions and supports well-being.
3. Ideal for meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices.
4. Enjoy its scent for a calming and clarifying experience.
5. Connects you with ancient traditions and practices.

Product Information

Botanical Name: Salvia Libanotica
Common Names: Blue Sage, Lebanese Sage, Eastern Mediterranean Sage
Place of Origin: Turkey
Smudge Stick Size: Approximately 5 inches
Blue Sage Smudge Stick six inches
Blue Sage Smudge Stick (Salvia Libanotica) Turkey

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