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Cedar Smudge Stick (Cedrus) Mexico

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Find grounding and clarity with the purifying power of a Cedar Smudge Stick (Cedrus) from Mexico. Its earthy, balsamic aroma with sweet undertones offers a connection to nature, spiritual protection, and a sense of deep cleansing.

Key Benefits

1. Promotes grounding and a deep sense of spiritual cleansing.
2. Offers holistic protection, repelling negativity and creating a safe space.
3. Creates an elevated, earthy ambiance, fostering a connection to nature.
4. Supports spiritual practices and enhances connection to the divine.
5. Aligns the root chakra, promoting stability and security.

Product Information

Botanical Name: Cedrus
Common Names: Cedar, Mexican Cedar
Place of Origin: Mexico
Smudge Stick Size: 4 inch
Cedar Smudge Stick 4 inches
Cedar Smudge Stick (Cedrus) Mexico

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