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Charcoal Tablets for Resin Incense Burning- 1 Box

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Effortlessly ignite your resin incense with these premium, self-lighting charcoal tablets. Designed for quick ignition, a long-lasting burn, and minimal smoke, they provide the perfect base for a pure and enjoyable aromatic experience.

Key Benefits

1. Easy, self-lighting design for hassle-free use.
2. Low smoke output for a cleaner resin fragrance.
3. Consistent, long-lasting burn for an extended session.
4. Conveniently packaged to maintain freshness.
5. Versatile for various resin incenses and rituals.

Product Specifications

Quantity: 1 Box
Weight of Box: 1.2 Kg
Total Tablet Rolls: 10
Total Charcoal Tablets: 100
Tablet Diameter: 40mm
Tablet Thickness: 12 mm
Grade: A+
Charcoal Tablets for Resin Incense Burning- 1 Box
Charcoal Tablets for Resin Incense Burning- 1 Box

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