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Healing Crystal Set

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Step into a world of balance and harmony with the Healing Crystal Set. Specifically curated for the body's seven chakras, each stone in this set beautifully resonates with unique energies.

  • Rose Quartz: Known as the heartfelt love stone, it genuinely promotes compassion and warmth, opening the heart to all forms of love.

  • Clear Quartz: Beyond its sheer clarity, this crystal powerfully amplifies energy, solidifying its role in the Healing Crystal Set.

  • Sodalite: More than its striking beauty, it enhances intuition, clears mental fog, and paves the path for deeper understanding.

  • Red Jasper: This earthy grounding stone offers unwavering stability and steadfastly anchors your energy, setting a solid foundational base.

  • Hematite: Celebrated for its grounding and harmonizing attributes, it ensures you always stay rooted and in harmony.

  • Amethyst: Famed for its tranquil calming nature, it aids consistently in spiritual growth and fosters an environment of serenity.

  • Tiger's Eye: With its deep grounding properties, it keenly sharpens clarity and bolsters decision-making confidence.

Lastly, the Selenite Wand stands out brilliantly. Not only does it cleanse, but it also robustly amplifies the energies of the other crystals, ensuring they harmoniously work together.

In conclusion, the Healing Crystal Set isn't merely a collection of stones. It's a dedicated gateway to self-discovery, balance, and transformative healing. Embrace this enriching journey with this set and unlock a revitalizing chapter in your spiritual path.

Healing Crystal Set


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