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Divine Sandalwood Incense Dhoop Sticks

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Unburden your mind and awaken your senses with Divine Sandalwood Dhoop Sticks. Handcrafted with reverence, their sacred fragrance weaves a tapestry of tranquility, grounding your spirit and inviting moments of profound stillness.

Key Benefits

1. Promotes deep tranquility and emotional balance.
2. Provides a long-lasting, meditative sanctuary.
3. Honors the traditional dhoop format and sandalwood's sacred use.

Product Specifications

Form: Dhoop Sticks
Quantity: 24 Sticks
Dhoop Stick holder: 1
Burning Time: Approximately 60 minutes
Aromatic Profile: Sacred sandalwood, warm spices, earthy undertones.
Divine Sandalwood Incense Dhoop Sticks
Divine Sandalwood Incense Dhoop Sticks

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