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Love and Harmony Kit

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Discover the Love and Harmony Kit—a symphony of elements designed to weave affection and tranquility into every moment. Carefully curated, each component reflects deep-rooted traditions and profound healing properties.

  • Lavender: Lavender, cherished over the epochs, isn't just a fragrant presence. Within the Love and Harmony Kit, it stands as a gentle reminder of peace and solace.

  • Rose Quartz: Not just a 'love stone', Rose Quartz in our kit fosters bonds of self-love, enduring friendships, and genuine connections, making every relationship more profound.

  • Blue Sage: Embrace fresh beginnings. A potent element of the Love and Harmony Kit, Blue Sage effortlessly dispels negativity, creating a canvas for harmony and rejuvenation.

  • Palo Santo: Enlighten your aura. This sacred wood is not just about its aromatic allure; it's a beacon of positivity, brightening every corner of your space.

  • Austha Suganda Incense Sticks: Engage in a sensory ritual. Rooted in ancient Eastern traditions, these natural incense sticks infuse the environment with balance and melody, completing the harmonious offerings of our kit.

The Love and Harmony Kit isn't just a collection; it's a journey. From fostering connections to manifesting peace, this kit is the pathway to holistic harmony.

Open your heart to love and positivity with this kit. Being in the vibration of love comes from consistent, intentional work. This kit is designed to help you claim your life, claim your desire, and declare that true love is yours.

Love and Harmony Kit


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