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Myrrh Incense - 15 Sticks Tube

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Experience the timeless fragrance of Myrrh Incense in a convenient Stupa Tube. Steeped in ancient traditions, myrrh's grounding aroma promotes introspection, spiritual connection, and a sense of the sacred. Handcrafted in Nepal, this format offers an accessible way to discover its evocative scent.

Key Benefits

1. Promotes introspection and spiritual awareness.
2. Creates a sacred atmosphere for rituals and meditation.
3, Supports emotional grounding and finding inner sanctuary.
4. Experience the timeless power of myrrh in a format.

Product Specifications

Origin: Nepal
Quantity: 15 Sticks (Stupa Tube)
Burn Time: Approximately 30 minutes per stick
Aromatic Profile: Myrrh's smoky, resinous warmth with earthy undertones.
Myrrh Incense - 15 Sticks Tube
Myrrh Incense - 15 Sticks Tube

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