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Orgonite Coaster with Quartz Crystals and Tensor Ring

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Transform the energy of your space with this handcrafted Orgonite Coaster. Infused with the power of quartz crystals and a genuine tensor ring, this coaster amplifies positive energy and promotes a sense of balance and harmony within your environment.  Each piece is unique, a functional work of energy art.

Key Benefits

1. Neutralizes negative energy and promotes balance.
2. Enhances the purifying power of crystals.
3. Protects your space and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

Product Specifications

Materials: Resin, Quartz Crystals, Genuine Tensor Ring
Size: 100 cm Diameter
Origin: Handcrafted in Dubai

How to Use:

1. Place in your space to neutralize negativity and promote harmony.
2. Use to place crystals to amplify their energy.
A close up of a person holding an Orgone Coasters
Orgonite Coaster with Quartz Crystals and Tensor Ring

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