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Palo Santo Stick Burner - Fire

AED 99.00
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Introductory Paragraph

Embrace the elemental power of fire and the sacred fragrance of Palo Santo with this stunning ceramic burner. Handcrafted in Chulucanas, Peru, its fiery design and earthy tones create the perfect vessel for burning Palo Santo and purifying your space.

Key Benefits

1. Safely burns Palo Santo sticks while containing ash.
2. Adds a beautiful, elemental touch to your space.
3. Creates a unique and evocative atmosphere.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 5in. x 5in. x 0.5in.
Material: Ceramic
Design: Air
Origin: Chulucanas, Peru
A burned Palo Santo Stick inside a palo santo Burner - Fire
Palo Santo Stick Burner - Fire

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