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Use Blue Sage to Heal Your Soul

  • person Rustam Amonov
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 Blue sage has the scientific name Salvia azurea, which translates to mean blue healer. All sages have cleansing properties. They are great for cleaning the space and protecting one's peace. However, different sages have different side properties along with cleansing. 

Here are the different specialties of the sages for smudging:

White Sage

White sage is like bleach. It is so potent and efficient at cleansing a space from negative energy. In fact, it is so efficient that it attracts positive energy to fill the space.

Red Sage

Red sage is filled with passion and initiation energy. It is great for setting goals and intentions. Red helps you steer in a straight direction. That is along with cleansing any negative intentions.

Black Sage

Black sage is much more earthy than the sweet white or spicy red sage. It is closer to mother Earth and helps you reforge your bond to nature. It cleanses the harmful frequencies caused by manmade interferences in nature and centers you on Earthly rhythms.

Blue Sage

Blue sage is almost as potent in cleansing as white sage. Unlike white sage, which is the sweetest sage and attracts positive influences, it focuses on healing and grounding the soul. Blue is cooling for the soul and is focused on finding emotional balance. 

Ways to Heal Your Soul with Blue Sage

Blue sage smudging is a versatile practice that can be used in many ways to help you heal and restore your soul. It is a powerful grounding agent that brings you back to your center even if you are wildly off- equilibrium. Cleansing and healing blue sage is one of the best tools to help you reach emotional balance. Here are a few ways you can use blue sage to help restore your energies:

Guided Meditation

In guided meditation, instead of being left alone to our thoughts and breathing aimlessly, we have a recording or an actual coach present to help guide us. Not to say that unguided meditation is not a good thing. It is great! However, when we feel off-center and want to ground ourselves, focusing on a voice as we quiet our thoughts greatly relaxes us. We may not have the energy to steer the meditation and focus alone.

You can place the lit smudging stick in a smudge bowl and even add some charcoal to make sure it continuously burns as you focus on the words of your meditation coach or recording. The rich aroma of the blue sage will instantly fill the air and provide a pleasing sensation. 

It will prepare the atmosphere to be the most conducive to soul rehabilitation and healing in a few minutes. Since it is sage, it will help purge negative thoughts and feelings from your mind and clear the space of anything uninvited.


 Healing Blue Sage 

Chakra Healing

You may have heard of Chakra healing. It is a practice where you attempt to ground and open the chakra points in your body. Chakra points are the energy centers of the body. They are like reservoir pools of energy with their own dam flood gates. When the gates are closed, the reservoir pools overflow, putting pressure on the body and soul. 

The body's energy flow is disrupted, and you do not feel your best self. You are grounded and pure in your highest spiritual state when they are aligned and open. 

Becoming a master of chakras takes many years of practice, but even beginners can take time out for chakra healing. Here's what you will need:

  1. A meditation tabletop fountain
  2. A crystal tower to focus and magnify your energy
  3. Blue sage smudging stick
  4. A lighter
  5. Smudge bowl

To perform a chakra healing session, you can sit with your legs folded, so your spine is completely straight. People have uploaded special music to open chakras, but nothing beats the sound of running water so have your tabletop fountain running so you can focus on that sound. You can have nature sounds on a low volume running behind it if you want.

Have a crystal tower placed in front of you, and light your smudging stick in the smudge bowl using the lighter. 

Once the fragrant smoke starts to fill the air, close your eyes and imagine a golden ring wide enough to go around you floating above your head. Move the ring down slowly, stopping at each of the seven chakra points.

When the ring stops, imagine it spinning at a tremendous speed as if to start a power generator. Breathe deeply and focus on the purpose of each chakra point. Doing this practice multiple times slowly opens your chakras a little at a time. 

Home Cleansing After Something Unfortunate

You can use white sage for regular cleansing of your home and yourself. However, it would help if you had something extra special when something terrible happens, like a huge fight or a robbery. 

The definition of trauma is damage that persists. Just like us, the energy of our home can go through trauma. Something terrible can leave scars in our home and prevent it from returning to a balanced state.

You can smudge your house with blue sage to cleanse the house of negative energies and help heal it from the damaging trauma. 

To do so, you must first set your intention to move on from the happening. If you try to cleanse the house while your heart still harbors sad feelings, then the energy around you will see through the hypocrisy. Once you accept what happened and are ready to move on, you can light a blue sage smudging stick and walk around the house.


Do not miss the opportunity to use blue sage to help heal your heart, soul, and home. You can use this magical herb for its many benefits in numerous ways. 

There are no restrictions as long as you have good intentions. You can try to use it in even more ways until you find the best practices for you. Check out our website to know more.