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Benefits of Smudging Yerba Santa

  • person Rustam Amonov
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Yerba Santa directly translates to "Holy Herb" in Spanish. It is native to California. When Spanish settlers saw the natives use the leaves for tea to aid with health issues and consume it like regular tea, they were impressed. They soon dubbed the herb the name we use today.  

Yerba Santa is a whole genus of plants called Eriodictyon. These are two to four feet tall woody shrubs known for their pretty flowers. Eriodictyon roughly translates from Greek to mean "woolly net." It was called so because the underside of its leaves is fuzzy. It has long leathery leaves that are sometimes sticky with a sweet resin. 

If you crush the leaves in your hands, you smell the sweet smell of the resin. When you smudge yerba santa, it produces a sweet, woody natural aroma. 

The Native Americans recognize its many healing powers and prepare it in different ways to use for that purpose. It has been given the nickname mountain balm for its believed medical benefits. 

Benefits of Smudging Yerba Santa

The practice of smudging herbs with pure intentions is a spiritually cleansing and centering act. However, using different herbs means getting different benefits or being able to focus on one benefit more than others. 

Yerba Santa has many benefits unique to its smudging that sets it apart from other herbs and incense. 

For Resilience and Tenacity

Do you need the motivation to keep going at something? Is your goal so far away it seems impossible? You should smudge yerba santa to increase your resilience in the face of recurring failure. If each step on your path is difficult and you need to re-center yourself and gear up for a long strenuous journey, yerba santa is the herb to go for. 

Let's say you want to lose weight, do a handstand, convince a problematic client, or get through a tough day. If you need something to make, you feel revitalized and ready for anything you can smudge yerba santa.

It is famous for growing in arid environments and spreading like a fever. It is a somewhat invasive species. That is just a testament to the power and resilience it can offer you when you are in need. 

To Promote Healing the Soul

Yerba Santa has many medicinal properties, which is why the Spanish named it a holy weed. Smudging a medicinal plant creates smoke with the essence of healing and restoration for the soul. 

The smoke will reach the depths of your soul and help it get on the mend. 

A thick, fragrant stream of white smoke from a yerba santa smudging stick, combined with its fragrant aroma, is the perfect gift for someone with a chronic ailment or a sick friend. Visit your ill relatives and friends and smudge them and their environment as a way to wish them a speedy recovery. Indeed, the power of manifestation is greatly assisted by the right herbs. 

When someone's soul is healthy, it also reflects on the body. Your skin glows, and you're full of energy. Use a yerba santa smudging stick to heal and restore your soul regularly. 

Connect with Nature

Do you love nature? Are you conscious of the environment and the state of mother earth? Is connecting to nature a common theme in your meditations? Yerba Santa is the holy herb to help you connect deep into the roots of nature.

Use the smudging stick to guide your meditations and resonate with the frequency of the planet. 

It is said that all living things are connected. When your chakras are open and active, you can connect to this enchanting network and be at one with the world's rhythm. 

The hustle and bustle of the city and even rural life get us out of the natural rhythm of the human state. We become tuned to artificial clocks and run on seconds. We are never truly present in the moment. Reconnecting with nature gives us back our authentic experience of time.

Take the opportunity to smudge outside under a tree or while sitting on grass. Let yourself consume pleasant tactile sensations of the grass between your fingers or the wind running through your hair. Let the yerba santa take you on a journey into mother Earth's arms. 

Improve Yourself

Yerba Santa is a sweet but woody herb. It is soft yet rigid at the same time. The herb is the perfect tool to help you on your path to self-improvement. Use it while going on guided meditations with a life coach or your own, focusing on reaching your goal.

The practice of regularly smudging yerba santa reminds you of your goals. It has the softness to console you when the journey is challenging and the rigidity to give you that push you need to shake a negative routine or practice. 

When someone is on the path of self-improvement, a kind yet stern friend is greatly appreciated and helpful. 

You can use the yerba santa smudging stick with gratitude practice bottles to hammer in the new habits and reach your goals faster. 

Wrapping Up

Of course, whenever you smudge, you cleanse your soul and environment, push away negative energies, heal and restore yourself, and strengthen your resolve. However, when using different herbs, you focus on or specialize the smudging. Yerba santa is the herb of choice if you want to thicken your cosmic skin, grow closer to nature, improve yourself, and or restore yourself or your loved ones. 

Take advantage of the power of smudging and use other herbs to gain superior benefits for different things. You can become a smudging expert and cleanse yourself and your friends. Become a cosmic force of balance in the lives of your family and friends. 

Tackle every issue in your life head-on with the power of smudging behind you. You never have to let yourself be consumed by negative energy or stuck in an artificially manufactured rhythm. You are a child of nature and deserve to live and breathe freely.