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Key Crystals

Every crystal has a story, a frequency, a purpose. Our selection of key crystals is handpicked to provide you with tools for healing, empowerment, and connection. Whether you're seeking clarity, protection, or love, discover a tangible touchstone to guide your journey.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet by Maison Etherique
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet on hand

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet

AED 89.00

Black Onyx Bracelet by Maison Etherique

Black Onyx Crystal Bracelet

AED 59.00

Hematite Bracelet by Maison Etherique
Hematite Bracelet on man's hand

Hematite Crystal Bracelet

AED 69.00

Moss Agate Bracelet by Maison Etherique
Moss Agate Bracelet on hand

Moss Agate Crystal Bracelet

AED 59.00

Carnelian Bracelet by Maison Etherique
Carnelian Bracelet on a lady's wrist.

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

AED 79.00

Green Jade Crystal Bracelet
Green Jade Crystal Bracelet  by Maison Etherique

Green Jade Faceted Bracelet

AED 125.00

Citrine Bracelets by Maison Etherique
Citrine Bracelets by Maison Etherique
watch_later Sold Out

Citrine Crystal Bracelet

AED 79.00

Closer look of Kyanite Bracelets
Kyanite Bracelet

Kyanite Crystal Bracelet

AED 260.00