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Five Dhyani Buddhas

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Buddhists believe in the power of prayer and meditation to achieve enlightenment. The Five Dhyani Buddhas are said to embody different aspects of this enlightened state. Each Buddha is associated with a different color, element, and quality.


This contains the following incenses:  

  • Aksobhya is the Immovable Buddha, representing wisdom and defiance in the face of adversity. He is blue in color, and his element is earth. The main ingredients are sandalwood, liquorice, and holy basil.

  •  Amitabha represents boundless compassion and is red in color. His element is fire. The main ingredients are kuth, kum-kum, and asparagus.

  •  Amoghasiddhi represents unconditional success and achievement. He is green in color, and his element is air. The main ingredients are Krishna agur, sweetflag rhizome, and Himalayan pencil cedar. 

  •  Ratnasambhava represents delectable treasure and beauty. He is yellow in color, and his element is fire. The main ingredients are juniper, valerian, and cardamon greator. 

  •  Lastly, Vairochana represents all-pervading clarity and understanding. He is white in color, and his element is water. The main ingredients are spikenard, saldhoop, and gum-guggul.


Each color emanating from these statues represents different frequencies of light waves that stimulate certain areas of the brain for good luck, fortune, health, tranquility, and peace. Burn some incense and let the fragrant smoke carry your prayers to the Buddhas!

Five Dhyani Buddhas


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