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Five Dhyani Buddhas Incense Sticks Box

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Experience the wisdom, compassion, and spiritual energy of the Five Dhyani Buddhas through this exquisite incense collection. Handcrafted according to ancient Buddhist traditions, each fragrance embodies a distinct aspect of enlightenment, offering a rich sensory journey for meditation and spiritual connection.

Key Benefits

1. Promotes spiritual connection to the Dhyani Buddhas.
2. Enhances meditation, prayer, and mindfulness.
3. Creates a sacred atmosphere with transformative aromas.

Product Specifications

Origin: Nepal
Quantity: 110+ Sticks (5 varieties) with Incense Holder
Burn Time: Approximately 50-60 minutes per stick

Incense Varieties

1. Ratna Sambhava: Juniper (Wisdom, Defiance)
2. Akshobya: Sandalwood (Wisdom, Steadfastness)
3. Vairochana: Spikenard (Clarity, Understanding)
4. Amitabha: Blends of Herbs (Compassion, Boundless Light)
5. Amoghasiddhi: Himalayan Pencil Cedar (Achievement, Success)
Five Dhyani Buddha Stupa incense box
Five Dhyani Buddhas Incense Sticks Box

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